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Lyon based guitarist Cyril Meysson is unashamedly indebted to the heaviest acid rock from Japan. His band Noyades clearly worships High Rise, while solo works resemble Keiji Haino live albums. But this live duo sees free improv drummer Rodolphe Loubatière's nimble sticks lock Meysson into clean percussive parrying rather than any heavy amplifier noodling at the head of the album. Step by step they one-up each other into freakout fuzz. Meysson's epic guitar walls are magnificent when they appear, but Loubatière doesn't indulge him, dropping out or shifting gear when musical peaks materialise. 
Tristan Bath - The Wire Magazine
"Then there's this new duo recording by Rodolphe Loubatière on drums and Cyril Meysson on guitar called "Sédition". Unsurprisingly, it is billed to the Meysson/Loubatière Duo, and it consists of two side-long pieces,each called "Sédition".
The A-side opens with frantic drumming and infrequent gothic guitar shards; then electronics really take over a little over halfway through the piece, zapping holes between constant percussive maelstrom and guitar squall. It all starts a long sunsetting around the 11-minute mark, and it's fantastic. Not to run it through a rock lens just because it has a guitar, but if you told me the B-side was Thurston Moore jamming with Paal Nilssen-Live or Chris Corsano, I'd believe you. Total slow burner. Love how ample feedback gives way to a traditional jazzy construction for a short while, like they wanted to zero in on playing a 'lil bebop, before the gates of Hades open again."
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